How Have Computers and Technology Changed The Society?

Computers have become a very essential part of life today. So much so that computers and humans have become almost inseparable. We even buy our PCs nice things an put them on the best gaming desks 2017. We use technology for everything from education to business to travel and communication. While the benefits of technology is seen in every walk of our lives, it is an undeniable fact that we also suffer from its side effects. Here is a look at how computers and technology have changed our society.


We have come a long way from the days of snail mail and pen pals. Just a decade ago e-mail was the fastest way to communicate, but now with the advent of smartphones and smart devices even e-mail seems outdated. Now we can instantly communicate with anyone in the world in real time. Newspapers and payphones have almost lost their place due to the use of smartphones.


Computers have greatly simplified the way we store and retrieve information. During the pen and paper days, processing times were painfully longer and there was also the possibility of human error.

Today things have changed drastically. For e.g. you don’t need to go to a bank to access your information or even get a check book. You can simply get it with a click of a button.

Storing information too has never been so easy. Even massive amounts of information can be squeezed into palm size hard drives that you can carry with you wherever you go.


Technology has changed the way we interact with fellow human beings.With many social networking websites and apps, you can become friends with anyone across the globe. The negative effect of this is that face to face interaction with friends and family is fast becoming a rare thing as we connect through social networking sites and photo sharing apps. People would rather chat for hours through texting than simply go say hello to their neighbor.


Many of the tasks that were either time-consuming or required a lot of hard work in the past have become much easier to do. You don’t have to travel all the way to a physical location to pay your utility bills as you can pay them now from your computer or your smartphone. Agriculture has greatly benefitted by technology with the use of many modern machines that cut down a great deal of hard labor.


Computers have completely revolutionized the way that we do shopping. Everything from clothes to appliances and even groceries can be bought online. Window shopping has got a great new meaning, as you can now browse through thousands of products and you won’t end up with achy feet.

Quality of life

Though technology has simplified our lives to a greater extent, the sad news is that it has not improve the quality of our lives. This is because instead of enjoying the time and energy that the technology saves us, we try to become more and more efficient. As a result, it has become very common to see people who work more, sleep less and generally don’t get enough exercise to stay healthy.