The Amazing Storage Solutions- of Data Lakes

Managing storage data is the most important aspect for any organization, as we are virtually living in a world were data is stored electronically. Big data and data warehouses are making a huge impact in the way digital data is stored in cloud space. While managing data is a highly challenging task, a data lake or a repository is the choice of every organization depending upon the amount of space requires din the virtual space to safely store important and general information is important.

The large stream of clean, packaged data virtually like the bottle of packaged mineral water, where the source to fill the lake is from various resources that are available virtually is how the data lake was coined. Users can dive, take a plunge and swim and examine the data pool that has various types of data, the users can search for the required data from the lake or even samples for future use. All the raw data is stored in the lake and this is a very important source as this raw data can be used in any kind of database. The raw data is stored as schemas that are more or less like a ready fit solution to be attached to the ready data and use it for delivery to customized solution or programming for a client.

The storage of data has evolved to great extent and what is significant of this huge pool of various types of information that can be used in any manner. Likereadymade information that can be plugged to the solution for various data sources. As we may often compare it with the data warehouses, the major difference between Data Lakes and Data Warehousing is the amount of data stored and the type of information that is held virtually. The Data Lake has all the raw information, and the Data Warehouse has significantly structured information that can be used as a ready reference for reports and shaky situations.

Based on the job the data can be configured and reconfigured, for a particular requirement, as the information pool is just out there to take the data, while the warehouse too had many units and processes tied into it , it is time consuming to drill down and arrive at the information that we require. It is similar to the various trading platforms available, like Bitcoin Trader that trades in virtual currency system, yet there is a huge difference in the way the trade signals are processed and executed.