The question is if you will go beyond the lies and check it out for yourself?

Binary trading has taken the internet by storm:

Today, a majority of the people are trading on the internet. This, of course, is not their full-time preoccupation. Rather, internet trading is something that they do when they are free or after their main job is over or even in the nights.

In the night?

Yes, surprisingly, a lot of people trade online only in the night. The markets that are online never shut down! This is one of the biggest advantages of trading on this medium. Ask anyone today what he does apart from his usual work pat comes the reply – binary trading!

It has become fashionable to trade in binary options nowadays. It is like if you have a job but you want even a little more, you need to start trading. Being able to trade in binary options give you the official bragging rights to be able to say to the whole world that you may not be there yet but yes, you are climbing your way there and that you will be there soon enough!

This has created a spurt in the growth of trading software:

With a demand to cater to thousands of traders most of them naïve and some of them extremely seasoned, hundreds of software have sprung up overnight on the internet and you can imagine the amount of speculation that is there in the air when people realize that they have suddenly got a chance to spin money from nowhere or maybe pluck it from the trees!

The ignominious scamster:

In a bid to outdo the others, a lot of traders have fallen victims to fraud trading software and lost money worth thousands of dollars. They have ever since been searching high and low for respite and to be able to recover their lost money but to no avail. The crooks are too good at stashing up and making away leaving the traders in a pitiable condition.

Bitcoin Code Review:

A review of the software was requested by one of the members and we thought it was a good opportunity to be able to clear the air regarding this software. The name of the software may remind the traders of the digital currency but it is only a coincidence and nothing beyond that. This particular software has nothing to do with the Bitcoin. In fact, it is like any other legit trading software on the internet that facilitates trading in binary options on its platform.

There is no passing off:

The name that this software has adopted does not tantamount to any kind of criminal passing off because of it so obvious that there is no connection between the two. There is nothing incriminating on its website either that can indicate that it is trying to cash on in the name of the currency. It is purely coincidental that it chose this name and there can be no action maintainable against it whatsoever for its choice of name!

Who are these people who are bad mouthing this software?

The scumbags who are trying to create a bad image about the program are those with vested interests. They do not believe in allowing people to benefit from a legit software. They know that once people will start using such a beneficial program for trading, they will not want to join any other software. These are the people who are actually threatened by the program and hence are spreading rumors.

The question, however, is if you will listen to the rumors and ruin the opportunity of a lifetime or you will log on to the website and check it out for yourself? The choice is yours and the decision will determine what you gain out of it.