This was the game changer in my life!

Indeed it was!

I was simply browsing the internet one day when I hit a website with a powerful PowerPoint presentation. The presentation was no sales pitch. It was after all a detailed advice on how to transform my life.

The first thought that struck me:

Okay, I will be honest, the first few minutes of the presentation were ingloriously spent laughing at the person who may have made it. The pitch was so convincing that I had felt that I was being brainwashed into the sign up into the software. And I logged out immediately lest I got influenced at all.

But something kept drawing me back to it!
Must be destiny, I realize in the hindsight. There was this thing at the back of my mind that it is after all $250 and even f I happen to lose the money I can easily afford to call it as a learning curve.

So, you realize, I was torn into two. One side of me was being extremely adventurous and asking me to sign up, the consequences of what would be seen later. The other part of me was asking me to keep my guard closely because I was aware in fact about the innumerable scam sites that were out to dupe the naïve traders.

I most definitely didn’t want to be one amongst them!

I am quite sporty by nature. And also I have my heart in the right place. So, I am not too drawn to emotions. The moment I started seeing this presentation, it gave me jitters no doubt but I was analyzing it more deeply than what it was on the surface. God forbid, if I had chosen the wrong software and indeed lost y $250, I would not have wanted to sit here holding my head. I’d rather treat it like a learning curve and move on in life! Yes, this is how I have always been.

But I eventually bit the bait:

And I am more glad than sorry about it! Gee! Not that I didn’t lose any money but for the amount of money that I earned as profit and the experience that I gathered trading online more than made up for the losses. This is trading and it is fraught with risks. If you are averse to losing then this is not your cup of tea but the fact that you are trading, you understand the caveat that this is a high-risk venture and you cannot cry over something that is over and above your control.

You can continue reading here or follow this link to go to my personal blog on online trading where I tell you my story with pictures of my trading browser and explain the nitty-gritty of online trading. It’s simple and it’s lucid. So, what are we waiting for?